Myths About Sealcoating

Fall is the best time of the year to sealcoat

False – The best time of sealcoat is when the air temperatures are between 70 and 90 degrees.

Brushing is better than spraying

True – I have tried applying sealer many different ways and I have come to the conclusion that brushing lasts longer and gives a more uniform look across the asphalt.

All sealers are the same

False – There are several different types of sealers and different degrees of quality. Store bough sealers do not last; no matter what the can says. A lot of the “door to door” sealcoaters push a product that the manufacturer does not even consider a sealer.

You need to sealcoat every two years

False – On average, sealcoating should be done about every 4-6 years depending on wear and tear.

Homeowners can do it themselves

True, but why? – Most homeowners do it themselves to save money, which is usually only about 35% savings. When you factor in the cost of materials and supplies, the time spent doing it, and having to sealcoat more frequently the savings quickly vanish. Also you risk ruining clothing and shoes, or injuring your back. In addition, you may have to listen to your significant other complain about the brush marks you left behind or that it does not look good because of the splatter marks. Lastly, to finish the project you would need to dispose of any extra materials properly. Doesn’t seem worth the 35% savings, does it?